August 10, 2023 



Agreement Includes 16% Raise, Attendance and Longevity Bonuses

ATLANTA - The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) and Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 732 have reached a new 3-year collective bargaining agreement. MARTA’s healthcare coverage and pension benefits are top amongst public employers, with MARTA covering 83 percent of employees’ healthcare premiums and offering represented employees a lifetime pension benefit. New benefits included in this contract include paid parental leave, education reimbursement and longevity and attendance bonuses. The agreement also includes an average ten percent raise for operators in the first year, and three percent in the second and third year. 

Of MARTA’s 4,275 employees, 2,697 or 63 percent are members of ATU Local 732.

“No one is more important to delivering the vision of MARTA, which is people taking people where they want to go today, tomorrow and in the future, than our represented workforce,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood. “I feel confident this agreement recognizes the contributions of represented staff and establishes new benefits to support them and their families.”

The contract creates a mutually beneficial situation for both union and management by restructuring the attendance bonus from annual to quarterly. This allows employees to take time when needed but incentivizes consistent attendance, which will help minimize missed trips due to high levels of absenteeism. 

ATU Local 732 members will receive an estimated twelve times more in total attendance bonuses over the last contract, and longevity bonuses have been added for members with 15 years of service and increased for those with over 20 years. Another feature of the contract is members can share MARTA employee Breeze passes with their spouses and dependents, up to four per represented employee.

“As a public entity, MARTA strives to keep pay competitive while remaining fiscally responsible,” said MARTA Board of Directors Chair Thomas Worthy. “The sixteen percent raises and longevity bonuses, plus health benefits provided at the lowest cost of any public employer in metro Atlanta, combine to make a strong compensation package for represented employees.”



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