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Connecting communities through transit, soccer, and leadership training.

StationSoccer is a program run by Atlanta not-for-profit, Soccer in the Streets. The organization was established in 1989 and provides free soccer programs for underserved youth in the metro Atlanta area.  In 2016 StationSoccer was launched on the plaza level at Five Points Station resulting in the first soccer field project inside a train station in the world. After the success of Five Points - StationSoccer, the program was expanded to include West End Station in 2018. Further StationSoccer projects will be announced over the next year as part of “The League of Stations”. Communities will represent their stations and play each other via the MARTA transit network. Partners in the project include The Atlanta United Foundation, MARTA and The City of Atlanta.

Available Stations: StationSoccer-Five Points & StationSoccer-West End


Five Points:
League of Stations -  Free pickup games on the weekends for players age 14 and up. League of Stations lasts year-round with competitive leagues taking place in the Summer and Winter.

West End:  
West End United - Youth Soccer Club established in 2017 serving over 180 kids around the West End community. 14 teams between the ages of 3 and 14. Competitive Seasons in the Fall and Spring. Work-ready and Leadership programs are available to children 12 and older.  

Youth Pickup - Free pickup games on the weekends for players age 5-13. 

Saturdays:  OPEN PLAY
10 AM - 12 PM / Ages 8-16

11 AM - 1 PM / Ages 8-14 

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Pick-Up Soccer:
Adult (18+) pick-up soccer is open year-round at StationSoccer - Five Points AND StationSoccer - West End. Pick-up soccer sessions are 3 hours long, and it's $5 to play. 

Adult Leagues: 
Adult (18+) soccer leagues are available at StationSoccer - Five Points AND StationSoccer - West End. We offer Competitive and Recreational leagues. There are 4 seasons per year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), and seasons are 8 weeks long. 

Wednesday Evening 5v5 League 

Thursday Evening 5v5 League 


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The World's First Transit Soccer League- Visit us online at stationsoccer.com